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European Federation
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The European Federation was founded by members of Providence from European backgrounds. They have a small navy and almost no ground forces, they have an overactive police force though that holds most of the power in the Federation. The national language is French.

135AE - European Federation Formed when a small group of Frenchmen discover a system with a wormhole
160AE - European Systems Police founded
280AE - ESP declare the current government corrupt and execute all of its members. They assume control.
310AE - ESP gives power to the "democratically" elected Peoples Union Party
400AE - Slipstream Drive invented
410AE - European Federation reaches current size
520AE - AAA Breaks of all contact with all but a few humans
593AE - Providence Corporation makes contact with the Sarkx Empire, an Empire ruled by a race of lizard men, with other humanoid races as lesser members.
594AE - First Sarkx War Begins
620AE - First Sarkx War Ends
663AE - Cold War with AAA begins
719AE - Second Sarkx War Begins
749AE - Second Sarkc War Ends with all beligerents signing the treaty at Pact.
781AE - AAA resume contact with humanity
800AE - Cold War with AAA ends