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We are the AAA restisance is Futile you will join us

The modern AAA are much like those that plagued Old Earth in the years leading up to the exodus, they may of become more authoritarian over the years and now lay claim to an impressive fleet of ships, but the basic formula remains the same. They speak by nature a Franken version of German and are very sure of their beliefs.

001AE - The AAA move into their own enclaves on Providence
030AE - The AAA undergo radical new leadership that demands that their be more emphasis on the Aryan nature of the "angels".
035AE - All angels who have been deemed un-aryan are forced to leave the AAA's enclaves. These mix with normal humans, creating the psionic subsect of humanity.
050AE - AAA continues with its genetic experiments creating more and more outlandish creatures.
060AE - First Bowman's Wolf created.
100AE - Bowman's Rebelion - the Bowman's Wolfs tired of being treated as slaves rebel, they escape the enclaves and are taken in by a Humanity sickened by the depravities of the AAA
150AE - Worsening relations with Mankind coupled with the deaths of several angels at the hands of people, cause the AAA to close their enclaves and move into the Providence astroid belt.
220AE - Aryan Angel Alliance demands a new home and are resettled in the Schedenfreude system.
276AE - The AAA succeeds in creating an organic organism that can survive in vacuum.
320AE - AAA breaks of all contact with humanity
361AE - First Organic Ship created, AAS Zerstörer von Welten
400AE - Slipstream Drive invented
430AE - AAA using stolen slip drive technology discover a system near the Schedenfreude system with a wormhole leading to a system they call Überlegenheit. The AA colonise all the systems that the Überlegenheit wormhole leads to.
593AE - Providence Corporation makes contact with the Sarkx Empire, an Empire ruled by a race of lizard men, with other humanoid races as lesser members.
663AE - Cold War with AAA begins
719AE - Second Sarkx War Begins
749AE - Second Sarkc War Ends with all beligerents signing the treaty at Pact.
781AE - AAA resume contact with humanity
800AE - Cold War with AAA ends

Couple dining; Size=240 pixels wide

A member of the AAA meeting with a free trader, just before she tells him who they have been eating