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The British Confederacy
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For God and the Confederacy

Albion was originally founded by a group of businessmen decended from the old United Kingdom sector of Earth. They left Providence a Phase Drive Ship and set out to get as far away from the Corporation as posible, in a bizzare twist of Serendipity the phase drive failed cannoning the colonists into real space only 304LY from Providence, here they found three teracompatible worlds, and the stage was set for a new power to emerge. Unfortunately, although the system was teeming with life and rich in natural reasources the fledgling system required Providence support, it took twenty years for the system to pay off its debt to Providence by which time its founding fathers were too old to take an active role in politics, however on the twentieth anniversary of the systems birth, it succeeded from the Corporation's Control. Fearfull of the retaliation of the only other interstellar power the System built up a powerful navy, large enough to give even the mighty Providence Fleet pause. Two years later the British Confederacy was born.

130AE - Albion Splits from Providence
131AE - Oxford system colonised after discovery by a Phase Drive vessel on patrol
132AE - British Confederacy Formed
156AE - Albion Wormhole Discovered
157AE - Santa Marina Colonised
400AE - Slipstream Drive invented
470AE - Reading System Colonised
520AE - AAA Breaks of all contact with all but a few humans
593AE - Providence Corporation makes contact with the Sarkx Empire, an Empire ruled by a race of lizard men, with other humanoid races as lesser members.
594AE - First Sarkx War Begins
620AE - First Sarkx War Ends
663AE - Cold War with AAA begins
719AE - Second Sarkx War Begins
749AE - Second Sarkc War Ends with all beligerents signing the treaty at Pact.
781AE - AAA resume contact with humanity
800AE - Cold War with AAA ends.
930AE - Tension with British Confederacy increases as pirates attack both nations shipping, little is done about the pirates but accusations made aginst both sides.
943AE - Joint task force of British and Providence Ships destroy major pirate base in the Northwest Sector of Providence Space, attacks cease but suspicion remains.
989AE - British Confederacy and Providence sign the Exploration and Trade agreement