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Providence Corp Logo (Seen as a statue in the Head Office)

For your good and our profit

A Brief History

Providence, the name of the company that shall live for ever in Mankind's memories. Over a thousand years ago the mighty Providence Fleet set out from the ruins of Earth to settle a new home for the Human Race, they found a system in a cluster of yellow stars, and here they found a new starting place for Man, they named the place Providence. - Exerpt from "A History of the Galaxy" by Abram Jones, Published by Providence Books 1004AE.

0AE - The Providence Fleet brings Humanity out of the ashes of Earth

2AE - After two years of searching and on the other side of the Galaxy from the place they once called home Mankind finds Providence.

10AE - The first colonisation efforts begin and mighty terraformers make Providence into a haven

45AE - Providence Wormhole discoverd

100AE - The population has grown at such a rate that the first extra solar colonies are required these are found near the systems on the other ends of the Providence Wormhole.

120AE - Dorian Leaves Providence in the Battlecrusier Terra Gloria
130AE - Albion Splits from Providence

132AE - British Confederacy Formed

135AE - European Federation Formed

278AE - United Systems Alliance Formed and Reaches Current Size

320AE - Aryan Angel Alliance demands a new home and are resettled on Schedenfreude.

400AE - Slipstream Drive invented

433AE - Rome Splits from Providence

520AE - AAA Breaks of all contact with all but a few humans

593AE - Providence Corporation makes contact with the Sarkx Empire, an Empire ruled by a race of lizard men, with other humanoid races as lesser members.

594AE - First Sarkx War Begins

620AE - First Sarkx War Ends

663AE - Cold War with AAA begins

719AE - Second Sarkx War Begins

749AE - Second Sarkc War Ends with all beligerents signing the treaty at Pact.

781AE - AAA resume contact with humanity

800AE - Cold War with AAA ends

847AE - Treaty of Reach with Sarkx Empire limits Providence's Expansion.

930AE - Tension with British Confederacy increases as pirates attack both nations shipping, little is done about the pirates but accusations made aginst both sides.

943AE - Joint task force of British and Providence Ships destroy major pirate base in the Northwest Sector of Providence Space, attacks cease but suspicion remains.

989AE - British Confederacy and Providence sign the Exploration and Trade agreement

Our History

Our company has been taking our clients on exciting adventures for several years. We understand the history of the area and we want to share it with our guests.

This year we were honored to be awarded the "Best Recreation Company" in New England by Vacation Magazine.